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About UIPath Training

We iTask Technologies provides the best UiPath Training in Chennai and Hyderabad, offering best in class software training and placement in trending technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Big Data Training, Dot Net Training, Java Training, Software Testing Training, Microsoft Training, and Other Training to professional and students.

Entire UiPath syllabus will be covered in ITask Technologies

Robotics Automation is one among such innovations which have made a huge impact on the present business processes, medical and in many other respective areas.

  • It supports different integration services which are having different workflow modules. This factor depicts the extent of its high reusability levels.
  • Offering citric environment automation and desktop are one among major automation benefits of this tool.
  • UIPath architecture provides the scope for unbelievable evolutionary features.
  • Its speed of implementation of automation tasks is very high.
  • Complete knowledge of all the in-depth concepts of UIPath and its varied applications.
  • Leverage skills in relation to data manipulation within the automation workflow.
  • Leverage skills regarding the UIPath automation working infrastructure.
  • Hands on experience in debugging issues.
  • Our institute will be the perfect choice to help the aspirants leverage complete automation industry skills in working on the UI Path tool.
  • Normal Track 15 Working days, daily Two Hours
  • Week Ends Track 10 Working days, daily Three hours
  • Introduction ToUIPath
    • The User Interface
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Updating UI Path Studio
    • Connecting your Project to a Source Control
    • Enabling Tracing
    • Creating a Basic Workflow
    • Introduction to Debugging a Workflow
    • Managing Packages

    Types of Workflows

    • Sequences
    • flowcharts
    • State Machines


    • Managing Variables
    • Naming Best Practices
    • The Variables Panel
    • Types of Variables
    • Generic Value Variables
    • Text Variables
    • True or False Variables
    • Number Variables
    • Array Variables
    • Date and Time Variables
    • Data Table Variables


    • Managing Arguments
    • Naming Best Practices
    • The Arguments Panel
    • Using Arguments

    Imported Namespaces

    • About Imported Namespaces
    • Importing New Namespaces

    Control Flow

    • About Control Flow
    • Control Flow Activities
    • The Assign Activity
    • The Delay Activity
    • The Do While Activity
    • The If Activity
    • The Switch Activity
    • The While Activity
    • The For Each Activity
    • The Break Activity


    • About Recording
    • About Recording Types
    • Automatic Recording
    • Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop
    • Example of Automatic Recording with Web
    • Manual Recording

    UI Elements

    • About UI Elements
    • UI Activities Properties
    • Input Methods
    • Example of Using Input Methods
    • Output or Screen Scraping Methods
    • Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods

    Data Scraping

    • About Data Scraping
    • Example of Using Data Scraping


    • About Selectors
    • Selectors with Wildcards
    • Full Versus Partial Selectors
    • UiPath Explore
Satisfied Students

Mr. Narendra Babu work as an RPA Consultant & Instructor, He has over 14 years of Implementation experience and recognized expert in as an Architect for Robotic Automation as Principal Consultant

In his career of over 14 years, I have been working in .Net applications, Robotic Automation and Process Automation Software like Automation Anywhere, Work Fusion, Blue Prism and UI Path.

Flexible Timings / Weekend classes Available.

Join Blue Prism Training, He will also explain to create digital workforce using the blue prism tool for most acclaimed and secure architecture. He’ll Explain What Is Required To Create A Digital Workforce Using The Industry’s Most Acclaimed And Secure Architecture.

Ui Path Training Institute gives you customized training programs with flexible training schedules. Students can choose their time of convenience. We have our group size for training the students with limited number of seats. We also provide you with the course materials which has been designed by our certified faculty members.Students can enroll themselves in the best Ui Path Training Institute in Chennai for the best Ui Path Classes. We provide you with joining offers for your successful future.

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